Sunday, February 20, 2011

Embroidery Issues

So, you may have noticed that I recently launched a "Personalization" add-on for my reusable sandwich and snack bags. I spent a lot of time researching machines and accessories, and finally decided on one, a Brother SE400.

When I got the machine, everything worked great! I was so happy with it, especially since it was an eBay purchase. However, within a week, I realized that it wasn't so great. It started making a grinding noise, and then it made a squeaking noise, and eventually it was making a grinding noise and a squeaking noise at the same time. Talk about annoying!

I decided that I could live with the loud noises, because I really didn't want to send the machine back. However, I finally reached my limit. Yesterday, the machine started breaking thread after thread, and not just the top thread, but the bobbin thread, also. And when the thread didn't break, it would just knot itself up so badly that I'd have to throw away the fabric. I probably threw away 10+ complete sets of sandwich/snack bag fabrics in the last 2 days!

I emailed the company I bought the machine from, and hopefully they will reply soon with how to return it. At first, I wanted to just get a different machine, but now I think I'll just ask for an exchange.

I really do like the SE400. I like that it has the USB cable, as I've got some fonts that I've been able to transfer to embroidery. When it did embroider correctly, it did a very nice job. Plus, I've already invested in some Brother accessories, so I don't want to have to exchange those, too.

Maybe someone out there has an SE400 and has some advice???

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