Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard Pictures

With 20+ inches of snow, I just have to post some pictures! I live in southwest Missouri, and the most snow I ever remember getting is 6-7 inches a few years ago! This snow was just amazing to me!

It literally crippled our city-- no mail for 3 days, no school for 4 days, no trash service, no delivery services, no trucks can get through to Walmart. It's just pure chaos.

We finally decided to venture out on the roads today...but we didn't get far. We got to the next street (the way out) in our neighborhood, and came upon an SUV that was stuck getting out of it's driveway. We decided right then and there that we would just back up and go home. Don't worry-- there was an off duty police officer helping them, so we didn't just leave them stranded.

This evening, we tried again, this time in a better car, and made it to Walmart. Oh, Walmart! How I love thee and have missed thee! And so has the rest of our area, apparently. No delivery trucks have been able to make it in, so there were no bananas, bread, apples, meat, rice, or styrofoam cups. Not sure why all the styrofoam cups were gone, but they were. Thought it was a bit odd.

Anyways, here's a couple of pictures from my house of all the snow!

I opened my front door and saw this.

This was taken early in the day during the blizzard. When the snow stopped, the seats were covered with snow.

My good friend came over on his tractor and bladed the driveway and our street. We literally have the cleanest, easiest to drive on street in the whole city!

The snow is up past my knees!

I thought this was great! It's my jet black cat, Enzo, in the middle of the blizzard. It's completely white all around him.

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