Sunday, February 6, 2011

$15 DonorsChoose Donation Code!


Here's how you can get a $15 donation code to DonorsChoose!

Simply text "possible" to 77177. You'll receive a text asking you for your zip code. After replying with your zip code, you'll get a text with your donation code and how to redeem it!


I hope to be handing out a lot of free snack bags with all these free codes you'll be redeeming!


  1. After getting your code, you should get a 3rd text that welcomes you to Waiting for Superman or something. Just reply with "stop" and you will be removed from their text list.

  2. Hey all!

    If you are still looking to contribute to a project, please take the time to read through my proposal for a projector @

    I am working at a South Central Los Angeles school where proficiency in math stands only at 1.6%, while English is at 12.4%. 77% of the student body is on free and reduced-price lunch. The numbers show the need to encourage my students to not shy away from challenging subjects such as chemistry. I hope to do this, and to show them that they are capable of succeeding in advanced sciences through more visual and captivating lessons via projector. Thank you all for your time and consideration!