Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's Hatching in First Grade?

We did it! This project has been completely funded! Thanks so much for your support!

My mom is so excited and so are her students! They will be sending pictures once the incubator arrives and then when they hatch the chicks in the early spring.

I will also keep everyone updated on any future projects for my mom's classroom!

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Have you heard of "Waiting for Superman"? Well, here's a great chance to help improve the lives of public school students in rural Missouri.

This school district has very limited resources, and does not have the funds available to bring learning to life. This teacher is wanting to hatch chicks in her first grade classroom. In order to do so, the class needs an incubator, a brooder with a heat source, and the accessories that go along with raising baby chicks.

If you would like to help this classroom, or any of the other wonderful projects listed on the website, visit Mrs. S's project website and take a few minutes to browse!

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