Monday, July 26, 2010

Stubborn Acne?

I've dealt with really stubborn acne since I was a teenager, and I've tried a ton of different products to help treat it.

About a year ago, I ordered the SkinID kit. It's the one where you go to the website and answer a bunch of questions about your skin and acne problems. Then, they send you 3 products that are supposed to be the best for you.

I really liked my products, especially since they were easy to use and pretty quick to apply.

But, you need to really use these products daily, and sometime multiple times in a day, for them to work the best. Frankly, I just don't have time and I get lazy...

Then, I bought some Clean and Clear toner from the store. This worked well, too, especially after cleaning my face with the SkinID cleanser.

About 4 months ago, I ordered a product off of Etsy. It's called Zit Zapper Germ Warfare and it's from Ella Rose Minerals. I ordered the sample set of Germ Warfare and Midnight Magic and it cost $5! The containers are so tiny, but I've only used about half of it since March! The Germ Warfare stuff is a FANTASTIC coverup that begins to work its magic once you put it on. I mean, this stuff is really the greatest thing I've ever used to hide my big red zits!

One of my best friends got married a few weeks ago, and of course, I had a couple big zits from the stress of her wedding. I brought this stuff along with me to the hair salon, and a couple of the other bridesmaids used it as well. Everyone was very impressed with it and I gave them the info on where to find it.

Around the same time that I ordered the Zit Zapper set, I also ordered a bar of Charcoal Soap from Spoiled Rotten Bath and Body Boutique. I had tried an activated charcoal product before and had liked it, but it was in a liquidy lotion like form and was pretty hard to apply. I thought that the bar of soap would be better and easier to rub on my face.

I was right. Simply put-- I LOVE THIS SOAP. It foams just a little bit, but it really, really, really cleanses well. You can almost feel it working as soon as you put it on!

Activated charcoal is really good for people with sensitive skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth!


So, recently, I've created my own little skin care routine that has worked wonders for my face.

At Night:

Step 1- SkinID foaming cleanser
--Wet your face with warm water, then rub a few squirts of this all over your face.
--Wait about 30 seconds, then wipe away with warm water and a wash cloth.

Step 2- Charcoal Soap
--Add just a little bit of water to the soap, just enought to get it wet.
--Rub on your face in a circular motion, paying extra attention to your trouble spots.
--Wash off with warm water and a wash cloth.

Step 3- Clean and Clear Toner
--Apply to a facial cleansing pad (there's tons of handmade ones on Etsy-- that's where I got mine!)
--Lightly apply all over face.

In the Morning:
Step 4- Germ Warfare/Midnight Magic Zit Zapper
--Apply to any remaining zits/red splotches before putting on makeup.


I really wish I had taken a "Before and After" picture of my face-- you would have been SHOCKED at the differences!

The first day I did this treatment, I had about 20 bumps and splotches. The next morning, it was down to about half and even the big zits were noticeably smaller! Yay! I was so happy!!!!!

After the second treatment, the only zits that remained were the big ones, and they were crusty, about to be gone, and no longer painful!

It's about time I finally took control of this problem!

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  1. Wow, awesome products. I don't have too many issues with big zits anymore, but I have blackheads like you wouldn't believe. Maybe I'll try out the charcoal soap; I bet it would be great for that.