Sunday, July 18, 2010

Insulated Water Bottle Holders and Drawstring Backpacks

In June, my mom, sister, mom's best friend, her daughter, and I went on an amazing road trip along Route 66. We started out in Joplin, MO and ended up in Santa Monica, CA. It was 2 weeks of laughter, fun, sightseeing, and lots of good eating!

Before our trip, I decided that I would make everyone an insulated water bottle holder and a drawstring back pack. I figured that the water bottle holders would be great for hiking at the Grand Canyon and the Sequoias. Everyone loved them and loved them even more when we found out that they really do keep water cold, and for a long time! They were great in the car, especially when we were driving across the hot desert!

And the backpacks were great for hauling all of our junk to different places! They were plenty big enough for cameras, snacks, wallets, phones, and other essential items. And they were comfortable to carry!

So, I set out on the internet in search of the perfect tutorials/patterns. I was lucky enough to come across two fantastic sites that gave me all of the information I needed. I found a great, detailed and pretty easy to follow tutorial for the backpacks. This blog gave clear, detailed pictures of the steps (which was so handy!) and great directions. If you're interested in making these backpacks, check out the Mama Backpack Tutorial at Happythings blog. I followed the directions exactly, except I didn't include pockets, which would have been nice.

I also found a great Etsy shop (Heart of Mary) that has great patterns that are easy to use and understand! This is where I found the pattern for the water bottle holders. Here's the link to the water bottle carrier e-book. Probably the best $6 I've spent in awhile!

These super cute water bottle holders go together pretty quickly and are not very hard to make. And all you need is cotton fabric for the outside and inside, insul-bright insulation (which can be found at craft stores like Joann's), and drawstring. I did find some drawstring cord stoppers (the little plastic things you can squeeze, and then you can tighten or loosen the string) on Etsy, I think they came from this shop: Sewing Supplies. These really finished the carriers up.

We took our bags and holders with us when we hiked at the Grand Canyon, and got so many compliments on them! A few ladies even suggested that we sell ours to them!

These would be great gifts or things to use when you go camping, hiking, to the park, to sports games, and so on!

I'll try to get some pictures of them soon!

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