Monday, December 19, 2011

Quilt Kits

We will soon be offering quilt kits for sale in our Etsy shop. This will be in the same shop as our reusable bags, but in a different section.

I've been quilting for a few years now, and I have to say that my favorite part is putting together the fabrics. I love laying out fabrics and selecting that perfect combination! I love finding one focus piece and then picking out fabrics that compliment it.

We will start out with flannel rag quilt kits. These will be available in a couple different ways. You will be able to buy the precut (AND prefringed!) squares, or you can buy an entire kit- complete with batting and backing flannel. The complete kit will also come with a printed tutorial and layout suggestions!

I'll post some pictures of quilts that I have already made...not all of them are rag quilts, but just so you can get an idea of my color picking abilities!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Website and Donors Choose Update!

Announcing our brand new website! Check it out!

I'd also like to update you on the DonorsChoose giving page! The response has been AMAZING! You guys are fantastic!

17 donors
$320 donated
334 students reached!

Remember that for every $5 donated to one of the projects on our giving page, you'll get a FREE REUSABLE SNACK BAG!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Early Earth Day

Earth Day is officially April 22, but I want to get a jump start of celebrating!

During the month of March, I'll be posting ways that are easy, fun, and help the earth! I work with 3rd graders and preschoolers, so I'll also post some kid-friendly things you can do! Maybe I'll even throw in some crafts that we do with the kids!

And of course, there will be another giveaway coming up shortly!

AND, there's a 10% off COUPON CODE you can use at our shop! Enter EarlyEarthDay at checkout to receive your discount!

Also, we've created a website through Weebly, and we'd love for you to check it out and give us some feedback! Visit our website at

ALSO, we've created a team on Etsy called Etsy Sellers Supporting Schools. You can join this team to check out discounts and shops that are supporting DonorsChoose!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Embroidery Issues

So, you may have noticed that I recently launched a "Personalization" add-on for my reusable sandwich and snack bags. I spent a lot of time researching machines and accessories, and finally decided on one, a Brother SE400.

When I got the machine, everything worked great! I was so happy with it, especially since it was an eBay purchase. However, within a week, I realized that it wasn't so great. It started making a grinding noise, and then it made a squeaking noise, and eventually it was making a grinding noise and a squeaking noise at the same time. Talk about annoying!

I decided that I could live with the loud noises, because I really didn't want to send the machine back. However, I finally reached my limit. Yesterday, the machine started breaking thread after thread, and not just the top thread, but the bobbin thread, also. And when the thread didn't break, it would just knot itself up so badly that I'd have to throw away the fabric. I probably threw away 10+ complete sets of sandwich/snack bag fabrics in the last 2 days!

I emailed the company I bought the machine from, and hopefully they will reply soon with how to return it. At first, I wanted to just get a different machine, but now I think I'll just ask for an exchange.

I really do like the SE400. I like that it has the USB cable, as I've got some fonts that I've been able to transfer to embroidery. When it did embroider correctly, it did a very nice job. Plus, I've already invested in some Brother accessories, so I don't want to have to exchange those, too.

Maybe someone out there has an SE400 and has some advice???

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Congratultions to Hill, #26!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Check back here for updates and info on other Bells and Unicorns giveaways!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's time for another giveaway!

This time, Bells and Unicorns is offering your choice of any 3 bags! You can pick any size and any fabric! In addition to your bags, you can have each of them embroidered!

Our reusable sandwich and snack bags are eco-friendly and cute! Our bags are lined with a food-safe, water-resistant white nylon and close securely with velcro. Our bags keep sandwiches, chips, cookies, and other snacks fresh for up to 6 hours! They are also very easy to clean- just turn inside-out and shake, or throw in the dish washer or washing machine and let air dry.

Giveaway Details
Up for grabs: 3 reusable bags
Who can win: Anyone, anywhere in the world!
When does the giveaway end: Giveaway runs February 12 - February 18


How do I enter???

Mandatory Entry- visit Bells and Unicorns on Etsy and tell us your favorite bag!

Other entries-

-For every $1 donated to our DonorsChoose giving page (see previous blog posts for info on how you can get a free $15 gift card to!), you will receive 5 entries! No limit on amount!

-Follow us on Twitter

-Follow this blog

-Like us on Facebook

***Make sure to leave a comment with a way to contact you for each entry!***

February Coupon Code!

During the month of February, you can use the coupon code "FEB15" to receive a 15% discount on your entire purchase! Click on the pictures to visit our shop!